WISHKEY Colourful Plastic Non Toxic Set of 8 Teether and Rattle for New Borns and Infants

  • EARLY EDUCATION INFANT TOYS: When kids just begin to grasp things on purpose, shaking, pulling, rotating or on to teething.It contains 7 Rattles and 1 Teether.
  • 100% Safety : This rattle is made of BPA Free ABS plastic of non-toxic eco-friendly material,safe for children to get it on mouth or chew on. A perfect Gift for newborn baby.
  • Development toys: Helps strengthen baby’s sensory ,motor and hand and eye cordination skills different colors,various shapes,unique design can develop baby recoginition ability.
  • Attractive Sound Toy Helps to Soothe Baby: Attractive and sweet sounds will show up when mommy shake the rattles, a useful and essential toys for parents to soothe the little baby.Light-weight and small volume,can be played in anywhere such as outdoor, indoor, even in the car.
  • Perfect Size for Little Hand: The colorful baby rattles are big enough which avoid mistake swallow, perfect size for little hands to grab it. Hours of fun with those fun rattles and teether.


Colourful Rattle Set

This is a set of brightly coloured rattles that is ideal to amuse infants. Its contrasting patterns and vivid shades can keep a baby’s attention to soothe them.

Teether Toy

One of the rattles in this set can double up as a teether. It has a textured surface that is easy on the baby’s gums and provides the stimulation that babies need.

Baby Safe

These toys are known to be completely safe for babies. They are free of BPA, Latex and Phthalate and have soft edges that are easy to grip in those tender baby hands.

Compressible Ball Ring

A compressible ball ring is included in this set. This smooth and soft toy can be used as a bath toy as well. It can keep the babies accompanied and distracted while you give them a shower.


The length of each toy is as follows. The dumbbell (1) is 15 cm, dumbbell (2) is 9.5 cm, tambourine is 10.5 cm, star rattle is 10 cm, half-moon rattle is 9.5 cm, double handle is 17 cm and teether key chain is 10 cm.

Stimulating Toy

This baby rattle set features rattles of various shapes, sizes, colours and textures. Its different sound, variety in grips and the contrasting patterns can be stimulating for your baby’s sensory experience.


Baby toys that are the most likely to be put in a child’s mouth and dropped on the floor are the ones that need the most frequent attention.

How frequently toys need cleaning depends on how loved they are (a.k.a how much they get played with)

One of the quickest ways to clean such toys is to take a bucket of warm water, add some disinfectant or baby shampoo, rinse it a bit, and put all the toys inside it. Let them soak for about half an hour. These can then be cleaned with a toothbrush or a cloth, washed in clean water, and left out to dry.


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