Best 360 spin mop and bucket India 2021

  • 360 degree rotating mop for easy and better cleaning.
  • Micro fibre refill with super absorbent capacity.
  • Super light weight 100% microfiber mop
  • Mop rotates 360 degrees
  • It has super spin system which makes drying refill fasterBest
  • Quality Easy Floor Cleaning Magic Bucket Mop
  • In The Box:- 1 Bucket , 1 Mop Stick Set , 2 Microfiber Head
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360 spin mop and bucket
360 spin mop and bucket

360-degree Spin Magic Mop from GTC is a practical and labor-saving mop you really cannot miss! With so much labor saving designs: telescopic mop handle, self-dehydration system, 360° rotating & 180° pivot swivel joint, your cleaning will be easier and happier. It can be used wet for removing stains or dry for dusting and can reach corners, under furniture as well as other hard-to-reach places. Why not own such a conv

Cleaning Spin Mop with Bucket

Cleaning Mop for Car

Can be used to clean under the bed

360 degree swivel head reaches all corners of your room and pivots under furniture so you don’t even have to bend! It will get hair, dirt, dust, and grime off the floor so you don’t have to sweep, bend over, or touch a dirty mop again! Just think of how much bacteria is on the head of your old wring out mop! This is the most hygienic mop you can use to date.

Use for cleaning your Car

With our high quality and soft microfiber you can use the mop to clean your car. The microfibers will not damage or leave any scratch on your car.

Use it while standing

Durable telescoping handle is able to be fully extended to 51 inches to comfortably work for people of any height. Stop straining your wrists and risking hand damage! This exclusive bucket design features a special, stainless steel, spin dry basket that will easily remove all excess water from the mop, allowing it to retain just the necessary dampness you need to ensure a good clean.


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